Vegas Lost:a teen was tragically murdered

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“I’ve been getting stuck in an unfortunate situation my entire life, yet s**t began quitting any and all funny business when I was 11 or 12.”
That was what Aaron Rodriguez disclosed to us when we met him at Spring Mountain Youth Camp. He was a 17-year-old in the Camp’s boxing program, with an uncertain future.
“Are there individuals out there who can encourage you?”, we inquired. His answer was short and dismal. “Not by any means. Got the opportunity to be solid disapproved.”
We left him then with multi month on his sentence. He left an impression. We pondered the end result for him after he was discharged and found our solution a half year later at a place called City Athletic Boxing Club.
In the event that battling is the thing that landed him in cuffs, battling is what would spare him.
“A ton of enormous contenders come through here. Are you going to be one of them?”, we inquired. “That is ensured.”
Aaron disclosed to us he had jumps in the months he was out. A companion revealed to us one of those obstacles was tranquilize utilize. He could escape allurement when he put the gloves on however he couldn’t get away from his neighborhood.
He lived in a segment of North Las Vegas with the most astounding number of adolescents alluded to the equity framework. Minutes before he was killed while strolling home, our group was at the scene of another shooting under two miles away.
When we conversed with him from the get-go in October, Rodriguez disclosed to us he needed to change. “I put my mother through a considerable measure of stuff. I need to influence it to up to her. A major piece of this is for her”, he let us know. “At some point or another I will begin training classes. At this moment I’m simply concentrating on me. I need to get probation off the beaten path and complete school. I can’t resemble I used to be.”
Aaron had seek after his future. Presently, trust is supplanted with candles and messages. At the intersection of Pecos and Carey, there is a dedication to exactly that it is so difficult to turn your life around. It’s a voyage Aaron was on, now his message to those making their first strides.
“It’s anything but difficult to tumble off, it’s anything but difficult to carry out wrongdoings, simple to be in prison. You should simply concentrate on yourself. It takes a genuine hoodlum to be around here dealing with your needs, ensuring you’re straight. Ensuring you’re making the best decision.”
Police are as yet hunting down Aaron’s executioner.